New Manager Success Path

Why do First-Time Managers need training?

New Manager Need Coaching
New Managers Need Coaching

First-Time Managers, do you wish for a time when there is no more chaos? Are you ready to get over the constant fire-fighting, move away from the reactive mode and instead, become a proactive and engaged Leader your team deserves?

You are in the right place!

Register for the New Manager Success Path and get ready to build a thriving team, deepen your impact & grow your career.

The program runs for 5 weeks.

WHO is this program for?

The New Manager Success Path is for Managers of Software Teams who –

  • Are new to management and want a coach to help them in this journey
  • Are overwhelmed and ready to let go of the chaos and struggle
  • Feel stumped in their career growth and need help to reach their goals
  • Are willing to invest in their learning and understand that career growth works in tandem with personal growth

What is the program about?

The New Manager Success Path is a 5-week virtual group coaching program that focuses on core competencies required for first-time Managers to succeed at their job.


Enrollment is limited to 6 per Cohort allowing for honest conversations and deep learning.
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Are you ready to invest in your learning?

Register for the New Manager Success Path 

The program runs for 5 weeks.

What are the desired outcomes of this program?

The New Manager Success Path program will enable you to – 

  1. Identify your strengths & growth areas
  2. Determine patterns & roadblocks preventing you from becoming an effective leader
  3. Build relationships with your team, peers, stakeholders, and leadership
  4. Identify the core pillars of your team’s culture
  5. Learn when to intervene & how to effectively resolve conflicts
  6. Develop, grow, & retain your people
  7. Set the right expectations and build transparency around career progression for your people
  8. Unpack business vision into deliverables and deliver solid business value
  9. Uplevel yourself as a Technologist, keeping the focus on software quality & operational load
  10. Master prioritization techniques for effective decision making

What is included as part of this program?

With the New Manager Success Path program, you get –

  • Five 90-minute live group coaching sessions (one per week)
  • Exercises with each module to apply newly learned skills, strategies, and frameworks
  • Access to a Resource Vault
  • BONUS – One individual 30-minute 1:1 with Aparna

5 Modules of the New MAnager Success Path

Build your brand

Build Your Brand

Learn how to identify your strengths and growth areas. Determine what beliefs, patterns, obstacles, and roadblocks are preventing you from becoming an effective leader. Cultivate the right mindsets.

Build your team

Develop Your Team & Culture

Dive into the importance of creating a growth-centered, nurturing team culture. Gain clarity on how to have difficult conversations. Learn how to create psychological safety, build trust and recognize individuality.

Build Vision & Roadmap

Vision & Roadmap

Learn to create a Team Charter, Business Roadmap, and Tech Strategy for your team. Set the right expectations and align activities with your organization’s goals and priorities. Define an Escalation Path.

Develop People

Develop People

Gain frameworks to develop, grow and stretch your people. Learn to create repeatable mechanisms for career progression. Master hiring & onboarding strategies to hire for success.

Deliver Value

Deliver Value

Become a Technologist. Learn to unpack business vision and translate it into software deliverables. Master frameworks to prioritize tasks with high returns. Maintain your focus on software quality & operational load. 

ready to step-up?

Register for the New Manager Success Path

The program runs for 5 weeks.

Level Up Your Management Skills

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Hi, I’m Aparna!

I am the Founder of Success Path Coach. I  help new and aspiring engineering managers gain clarity and build thriving teams so they can create a lasting impact and grow their careers.

My strengths-based coaching is derived from 18 years of working with software engineering teams at companies like Amazon, Ticketmaster, PayPal, and America Online.

My mission in life is to inspire and empower people to do their best and create a lasting impact. I am passionate about mentoring and supporting women in technology.

I am looking forward to working with you in this program!